Hafan Dewi Sant

What is Hafan Dewi Sant?

Hafan Dewi Sant is known as our Day Therapy Centres. They are located in Llandudno and Bangor and offer support to patients and their families across Anglesey, Conwy and Gwynedd.

The ethos of Hafan Dewi Sant at Bangor and Llandudno is to support and enable those with life-limiting illness to remain as independent as possible.

What we do

We provide holistic care and support prioritising comfort and improving quality of life of our patients.  Allowing them to discover new talents, rediscover old talents and interests; experience various forms of relaxation, alongside a personalised activity program to suit all abilities, all with the support of the Therapy Team.

Referrals to Hafan Dewi Sant

We receive referrals for Hafan Dewi Sant from Health Care Professionals.

Each referral will then be screened to see if the services are appropriate for the individual. We then get in touch with the patient to arrange an initial assessment where we formulate a plan together based on individual needs. If the services are not appropriate the referrer will be notified.

Each patient receives the same opportunity to access all services provided by Hafan Dewi Sant based on their needs.

Services we offer

We offer a variety of services –

Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning is planning for your future health care. It involves making decisions about the health care you would or would not like to receive, and ensuring that your wishes and preferences are consistent with the treatment you might receive.

Complementary Therapy (Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology)

Complementary Therapies are not an alternative to conventional treatment you are receiving, they aid in your overall well-being, increase your sense of relaxation and provide some much[1]needed ‘TLC’ during a difficult time. They have been beneficial in reducing ailments such as muscular aches, tension and pain, decreasing stress and anxiety and increasing one’s overall sense of relaxation and happiness.

F.A.B (Fatigue, Anxiety & Breathlessness) Group

This group session is led by the Occupational Therapist to help develop the skills required to manage the fatigue and breathlessness associated with many conditions.


A personalised exercise programme can be developed during an initial assessment with the Physiotherapist. You will have access to a fully equipped therapy gym.

Symptom Management

Management of symptoms you may be experiencing will be provided by our dedicated medical team.

Art Therapy

Sometimes it can be hard to talk about difficulties and feelings, Art Therapy allows a safe environment for self-expression and reflection in the presence of an art therapist. You do not have to be an artist to benefit. Family members and carers are welcome too.

Occupational Therapy

You can be referred to the Occupational Therapist for an assessment of functional difficulties, suitable aids/equipment, enabling you to remain as independent as possible.

Social Worker

You can have access to a Social Worker who will run specific clinics to advise on social support, financial advice.

Carer Support Service

This includes 1-1 counselling, family counselling and pre[1]bereavement counselling. Diversional and complementary therapy.


Individual, group and family counselling service is available.


We are a multi-faith hospice and can refer to the appropriate support services if you wish to discuss spiritual or religious concerns or questions.

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