50 to 500 – Corporate Charity Challenge

Does your team have what it takes to turn £50 into £500 by the end of 2021?

St David’s Hospice is appealing to businesses throughout Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey to take on the 50 to 500 challenge.

It’s simple – St David’s Hospice will give your business £50, and you invest the £50 to deliver the biggest return possible. Then keep reinvesting your profits to make even more – at least £500! You could raise the funds through a variety of ways, for example, buy ingredients and hold a series of bake sales or buy a hamper or other goods and hold a raffle day to make a profit.

(Teresa Carnall takes on the 50 to 500 – Corporate Charity Challenge)

Teresa Carnall TBC Marketing has signed up and is being creative with her musical hobby, pledging to play her ukulele and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to anyone who requests it in return for a donation.

She’ll be doing this either live online via Facebook or LinkedIn, or she can record it and send the video over via email.

To request a Happy Birthday either message Teresa via her TCB Marketing Facebook page or LinkedIn or you can email her direct teresa@tbcmarketing.co.uk.

Teresa can play the ukulele and is part of the UkeWaves and will be re-investing the £50 to kick start the 50 to 500 straight back in.


Talking about her fundraising challenge, Teresa from Colwyn Bay said:

“I can’t sing at all! Despite that I’m happy to put myself out there in support of St David’s Hospice.

“I’m doing this is for a close family member who sadly lost their partner a couple of years ago.  Their last few weeks were spent at St David’s and it became like a second home to them and nothing was too much.

“The staff were so welcoming and the volunteers made you laugh when you needed it the most. It gave comfort when laughter seemed impossible. The treatment we had as a family was perfect.

“End-of-life care isn’t something that we usually talk about in open conversation, so you don’t realise how important it is until it happens to someone close to you.

“They do incredible work and I’m proud to be able to support them in this way.”


Conwy Area Fundraiser, James Wilde encourages local business to get on board with the fundraising fun and said:

“How you decide to do this is entirely up to you – the more inventive the better!

“This is a great way to bring staff together within your workplace. It can be great for team-building and also a PR opportunity for your business.”

For more information and to get your team signed up email james.wilde@stdavidshospice.org.uk or call 01492 873674 or visit https://stdavidshospice.enthuse.com/cf/50-to-500-challenge




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