Sixteen-year-old Adam Baillet from Aylesbury is shaving his head in memory of his grandma Christine Pike who passed away at St David’s Hospice.

The last time Adam had his hair cut was the day before his grandma’s funeral on February 11th 2019 and he has since grown curls to his shoulders.

Adam said:

“I have been growing my hair for 16 months, I didn’t know it was this curly before I started growing it, it’s a whole load of ringlets. Every Monday at school my friends have said ‘haven’t you had your hair cut then?’

“I decided to grow my hair and raise money for St David’s because my Grandma, Christine Pike, had chemotherapy and spent nine months without hair, she wore her baldness with pride.

“Grandma was a hairdresser, she used to cut my hair when I was little, she would have loved to see how curly my hair is now. My hair will also be donated to a charity for wigs to be made for children who have lost their hair through cancer. Grandma would love this idea as she had a wig when she lost her hair after the chemotherapy but she only wore it on special occasions!

“My Grandma had ovarian cancer, she died at St David’s Hospice. The Hospice was the polar opposite of what I thought a hospice was. It was a warm, friendly and happy place.

“The staff there were all so caring and made all of us very welcome, including our dogs. We got to spend as much time as we needed at the Hospice with my Grandma, they looked after her and us really well.

“The Hospice is having a difficult time raising funds at the moment with the Lockdown so now seems a good time to shave off my hair and raise some money for them to say thank you for making such a difficult time easier, this money might make their difficult time easier.”

So far Adam has raised £1,779 on his online sponsorship page

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the local community such as Adam’s, all the Hospice services are free of charge to patients and their families.

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