Every day, for 10 consecutive days, 72 year old Alan Pierce walked the steep incline of the Great Orme to raise funds for St David’s Hospice.

Starting from his home in Craig-Y-Don, he went to the top of Old Rd which has gradients as steep as 1 in 4 and follows the Great Orme tramline and then continued his walk from Happy Valley to the ski slope.

This was a huge challenge for Alan, as he has recently had a new hip, and over the last few years has had two serious ligament injuries to the same ankle.

He walked in memory of Lynne Harvey, the late wife of his friend Gwyn Jones

And through online sponsorship Alan has raised £2,730.

Alan said: “I went for a walk and was thinking what I could do to help support a local charity, particularly St David’s Hospice.

“Gwyn, always spoke so highly of how they treated Lynne so I spoke to him about doing the walk and said he could be my campaign manager and spread the word!

“St David’s Hospice requires millions of pounds a year to run and is almost totally dependent on contributions from the public. It is currently desperate for funds, as the main source of income, its charity shops have been closed due to the Covid-19 virus.

“It is a fantastic place and plays a vital role in the community and I hope the money raised helps support the care they offer both patients and their families.

“After doing this I’ll definitely be doing more walking, whether it is to get the paper, walk into town or going to the Hospice’s Café Dewi. Weather permitting; I’ll aim to do 10,000 steps a day.”

The charity recently announced they are facing huge financial challenges with extensive losses income due to the Covid-19 and have launched The Recovery Fund for 2020 which hopes to raise £1million by the end of the year to ensure its survival.

To find out more about the services or how you can help support the charity’s Covid-19 Recovery Fund, visit the St David’s Hospice website at www.stdavidshospice.org.uk