Dispelling myths about Hospice care

Throughout July St David’s Hospice is celebrating ‘Love Your Hospice’ month, a four week fundraising campaign to raise the awareness of Hospice care and to encourage all to show their support.

This week, on social media and online St David’s Hospice have been ‘Myth Busting’ to help overcome common misconceptions about Hospice care.

Head of Marketing and Communications at St David’s Hospice, Marie Lidgett explains:

“Myths about hospices can unfortunately mean that some people who could benefit from our care don’t receive it. They may be afraid they won’t be able to go home once they come into the Hospice or may worry it’s a dark and scary place.

“It is important to remember that St David’s Hospice is for the living, and that the work we do here is to ensure that each and every one of our patients has the best possible quality of life, and that those closest to them are also cared for.

“Through our ‘Myth Busting’ week as part of the awareness and fundraising month, we would like to share with you the facts about our care to help dispel any concerns you may have about St David’s Hospice and it’s services.”

There are over 200 Hospices across the UK. Hospice care helps people to live as actively and comfortably as possible, from diagnosis to the end of their lives, however long that may be – days, weeks or years.

Hospice care is about seeing somebody as a living person, not a dying patient and supporting those closest them and providing palliative (or comfort) care which can include; Pain and symptom management, Therapies, Psychological & spiritual support, Practical and financial advice and counselling and bereavement services.


MYTH: Hospice care is just for older people and is practically like a nursing home.

FACT: St David’s Hospice cares for patients from the age of 18 upwards.

A hospice is not a nursing home, but a specialist and clinical environment enabling the patients to live with their life limiting illness with the privacy and dignity they deserve.


MYTH: The Hospice only treats cancer patients.

FACT: The Hospice can accept patients with any life-limiting illness.

It is true that the majority of the patients have cancer. Other illnesses include end-stage heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease and motor neurone disease.

The clinical team of doctors, nurses and other professional staff, provide specialist care and support for local people with life-limiting illnesses and their families, at the hospices, and at home.


MYTH: Hospices are sombre, sad places.

FACT: Although people may access hospice care at a difficult time in their lives, St David’s Hospice is a friendly, warm and welcoming place. It’s a common misconception that a hospice is a very solemn place and all doom and gloom – it couldn’t be further from the truth! It is rare to walk through the Hospice without seeing a smile or hearing laughter, and whilst there are inevitably sad occasions and moments, the good times far outweigh those. We do everything we can to ensure that our patients, and their family and friends, are able to share many special moments with those they love.


MYTH: St David’s Hospice is part of the NHS and is fully funded by the NHS

FACT: St David’s Hospice is an independent charity and relys on charitable giving. It costs around £6million per year to run the services, giving free care and support to local people at the most difficult time of their lives.

A very small percentage of our funding comes from the NHS, and the rest is raised by our fantastic local community, through a variety of ways including general fundraising such as donations and events, legacies, our lottery and through our Hospice shops.


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