The antics of the Great Orme Goats have had world famous media coverage, and now St David’s Hospice t-shirts are following close behind in popularity raising over £28,000 in three weeks for local end of life care.

The smiley Kashmir goats, which resides on Llandudno’s Great Orme for the majority of the year, often wander down in early Spring to the grounds of the Hospice on Abbey Rd, but this year to the amusement of many, they have ventured further afield into the town centre.
Whilst looking for innovative ideas to fundraising during the Lockdown, the Hospice’s Fundraising team had an inspirational idea to feature them on a t-shirt, which has taken off beyond their wildest dreams.

Margaret Hollings, of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at St David’s Hospice said:

“We have been totally overwhelmed by the way people have responded to Great Orme Goat tee shirts. To date we have sold over 1800 tee shirts to people worldwide from the UK to Australia, New Zealand, California and Canada. We are so appreciative of the support we have been given in these most challenging times”.
“The Llandudno Goats have really captured the nation’s hearts in their cheeky antics of late and to think that over 1800 people (so far) will be walking around in these tee shirts dedicated to their cheekiness through COVID19 really does put a positive spin on the current situation in Britain and beyond”.

Margaret continued:
“The income from the tee shirt sales is quite remarkable and the orders still pouring in. This is keeping much needed cash in the bank to go towards paying for our wonderful nurses who come in day to day to face the front line and ensure that patients living with life limiting illnesses in our local communities can still receive the care they so need and deserve at the end of life”.

St David’s Hospice depends on public donations for 84% of the £4m it costs to run its services every year. With the cancellation of many fundraising events and 26 shops forced to close, the Hospice faces huge financial challenges in the near future the profits of fundraising initiatives such as the t-shirts is vital.

After requests for more from the general public, St David’s Hospice now includes international delivery options through its online shop and is expanding its range for those who can’t get enough of the Great Orme Goat and are looking into producing tote bags, keyrings and magnets.

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