Date: 20th March 2020

Here at St David’s Hospice, we are still caring for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Our Inpatient Unit remains open, we are still accepting patients and we are determined to continue to play our part in delivering the highest level of end of life care to the people of North West Wales.

Our amazing staff are working together and doing everything they can to keep our services going so that our patients receive the care that they need and deserve.

We have a great team and I feel incredibly proud to be associated with St David’s Hospice at this time.

We are in uncertain times and the threat to our most vulnerable people is very real.

We know that in the coming weeks that this unique and wonderful local charity will face a battle for its own survival.

We depend on public donations for 84% of the £4 million we need every year to run our services.  These issues of NHS funding and government support will need to be raised strongly, but today is not the time to focus on  this.

Today is a time to show solidarity with our incredible staff who are doing all they can to care for people who need it most. They are caring, showing compassion and communicating to people who are going through the worst times of their life. And they do this while retaining their own emotional and physical strength.

Hospices are often unseen by the general public until you find yourself at a time when you need us. When this time comes, with your support, we will be there.

To all our staff, thank you very much

Trystan Pritchard

Chief Executive