To the Doctors and Nurses at St David’s Hospice, I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you for everything!

Sioned Green, a primary school teacher, aged 32 from Coedana Anglesey and her Husband Dave Green had registered to take part in Snowdonia Marathon in October to raise much needed funds for their local adult Hospice.

As the event was cancelled, Husband and Wife duo decided to create their own challenge, as they had already collected much needed sponsorship fees for the Hospice. As an alternative to the marathon, they decided to do an Anglesey Run/Row 3 Peaks. Both are keen member of the Ynys Môn Trireme Rowing Club, with the help of their team captain Paul, they set themselves an arduous route detailed below;

1. Run – Newry Beach > Mynydd Twr – 5mi
2. Row – Newry Beach > Porth Swtan (Church Bay) – 6mi
3. Run – Porth Swtan > Mynydd y Garn – 4mi
4. Row – Porth Swtan > Porthladd Amlwch – 13.5mi
5. Run – Porthladd Amlwch > Mynydd Parys – 5mi
6. Row – Porthladd Amlwch > Porth Llechog (Bull Bay) – 2miles
Even reading the route is enough to make you tired!
Sioned decided to take on the challenge as a way to give thanks to the Hospice for caring for her Father during his short period at the Hospice. Sioned expressed her thanks to her team mates for their support:

‘’We had the fantastic support of our wonderful rowing club, with a special thanks to Paul, Tina and Dewi assisting us in the clubs Celtic Rowing boat. In addition to this we had Chris and Mattie in a safety boat (much needed at times!), with Mattie also running up each peak with us. ‘’

Weather conditions made the challenge increasingly harder for the duo, with Sioned describing rowing conditions very choppy with winds reaching high 20s at times.

Sioned described what motivated her to complete the grueling challenge:

‘’Going into the challenge my thoughts were that it can’t ever hurt as much as what Dad went through. He was always positive throughout his battle with cancer, but in the end it won. He was only in St Davids in Llandudno for around 24 hours, but during that time the Dr’s and nurses were wonderful, caring and understanding. All this happened during Covid last year. For them to be even more wonderful and kind in the height of a pandemic is even more incredible.’’

‘’St Davids Hospice is a charity that you never ever think you’ll have to use. It’s not until you use the facilities that you understand how much of a valuable and supportive service it provides. To the Doctors and Nurses at Llandudno, I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you for everything you’ve done to help our family in that short time.’’

To date, the pair have raised a staggering £1,410. If you would like to give their fundraiser a final push, please visit her JustGiving page;






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