COVID-19 has hit the St David’s Hospice finances hard.  In March 2020, we were forced to close our 26 shops and stop all face to face fundraising activity including events and lottery cash collections.

Overnight, 90% of our income activity dried up yet at the same time, we have kept most of our clinical services open to the community. Whilst the extent of the long term damage is still unknown, we know that we will be more than £1 million short of what we need to raise in 2020 to keep the doors of the hospice open. Please be assured, we’re not sitting still. We are doing everything in our power behind the scenes to keep our doors and services open to those who need us.  But we need your help…

The St David’s Hospice Recovery Fund aims to recover £1 million pounds of lost income by the end of 2020 and there are many ways to can get involved, right from your home.