Write your FREE will now and support St David’s Hospice in the future.

Is writing a will something you have been planning to do but ‘haven’t quite got round to it yet’?

Would you believe that nearly two thirds of the UK are still to write a will because they haven’t found the time?

St David’s Hospice has partnered with online will writing provider “Beyond” to make the process of writing your will as easy as possible, right from your home.

With most people currently working from home or having been furloughed for the foreseeable future, the Hospice is giving you the ideal opportunity to get your affairs in order, protect your loved ones and leave a small gift to St David’s Hospice to protect the Hospice’s future.

The average single Will costs between £90 and £150, but this opportunity is being given to you for FREE, by our online partner, Beyond in support of St David’s Hospice through this current crisis.

You don’t need to be an IT wizard to complete your Will online as the process is really easy.

Margaret, our Head of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications recently wrote her will using the online service. She explains:

“I am ashamed to say it but it has taken the threat of COVID-19 for me to finally wake up and get my affairs in order, by writing a Will to protect my loved ones in case anything happens to me.

Four weeks ago I was part of that percentage of the busy people who haven’t got round to writing a will because it seemed like a hassle and I didn’t have time to make an appointment”.

Using the online will writing scheme with Beyond was so easy!  The step by step process allowed me to write a Will with ease and I now have the ability to log back in and change the details of my will at any time I wish”.

 Whilst writing my will I was also able to leave a small gift to St David’s Hospice, in a bid to try and protect a little part of the Hospice’s future”.

A gift in your Will to St David’s Hospice won’t cost you anything during your lifetime, but could make a huge difference once you are gone.

Every will written using Beyond’s online service is checked by an in-house legal experts. The clever interactive service is making will writing extremely simple, especially for those who can’t find the time, like Margaret.

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