The Welsh Baccalaureate

The Welsh Baccalaureate gives broader experiences than traditional learning programmes, to suit the diverse needs of young people. The Welsh Bacc award is based on specified combinations of qualifications to help learners get the most benefit from these experiences and skills.

It is wide-ranging and embraces the teaching of key skills that complement the subjects and courses already available for learners. Learners get real life experience of the world outside school, and learn how to apply skills in practical situations.

It offers a different type of qualification that focusses on developing a range of essential employability skills. It gives learners the opportunity to study topics and issues of their choosing that are relevant to their future study and career plans.

The purpose is to develop learners’ skills, whilst encouraging them to identify, develop and participate in opportunities that will benefit the community. During the Community Challenge, learners will explicitly develop skills of planning and organisation and personal effectiveness and apply them in an appropriate manner.

You will plan a programme of activities to raise awareness of the Hospice while also raising funds for and on behalf of St David’s Hospice. The challenge is focused on you sharing your knowledge and understanding and educating a target audience to make them aware of St David’s Hospice and the services we provide.

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